Red One #2450 aka "FEVER" is the first available 4K Digital Cinema Camera in Luxembourg.

If you are looking for uncompromising Digital Motion Pictures, you've come to the right place!

You'll find a complete operational package with high-quality, industry-standard accessories that round out a truly outstanding cinema system.

"FEVER" is our baby, but we'll let you take her out if you promise to pamper her and bring her home safe and sound.

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Our RED ONE #2450 aka "FEVER" just came back from a short holiday in southern California,
with an "Mysterium X" sensor update.

Improvements compared to the old sensor:

800asa (up to 6400asa) sensibility
13,5 stops of latitude
Better overall low light and tungsten rendering


This is the Trailer of FAR DIRT by Black Sessions Films.

Director : Sam Bouchon
Cinematographer : Jeff Kieffer
AC : Gäelle Tanguy
Crane : Ken Fitzke - Pit Wagner
Jib : Eric Ebstein
Pyrotechniques : Ken Fitzke
Titles : Arnaud Mouriamé

Shot on RED One "Fever".


Proud of my new babies, they are an amazing set of charming old school lenses. Canon's motion-picture line named K-35.

They won an academy award for Technical design in '76 and were used on films like Aliens 2...

Pure bliss... :)
Just a few pics here to get an idea!

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I wanted to share our new post-apocalyptic ID Film 2010 for the Belgium association La Film Fabrique.

Directors : Daniel Bruylandt - Julien Henry
Camera : Jeff Kieffer - Oliver Imfeld - Felix Sorger - Manu Dacosse
Costume : Kelig Pinson
Location Managers : Bruno Pons - Mathieu Giraud
Sound design : Ludovic Cesar
Offline Editing : Martin Leroy
SFX : Daniel Bruylandt

Shot with 2 RED One's, and 1 Canon 5D Mark II.
We had 1 shooting day and the weather was really bad, so all the sky's were replaced in post.

Some very nice behind the scenes impressions from Jeremie Ducrocq.


The Music Video 'Those Dicks' from the Experimental Tropic Blues Band just got released. Shot on RED "FEVER".

With François Neycken as : Claude - Bodybuilder - Freak - Monk - Biker - Elvis - Burgerlover

Prod : La Film Fabrique/MEFAMO/JauneOrange
Dir : Julien Henry
Prod : Jonas Luyckx / Shaban Krasniqi
DOP : Manu Dacosse
Camera : Jeff Kieffer
Editor - Stunt - SFX supervisor : Daniel Bruylandt


Some impressions of our RED Workshop Day, 19 March at CNA Dudelange.


The Teaser for Pascal Schumacher's new album Here We Gong was shot on RED "Fever"


Come and join us on our RED Workshop Day 19 March at CNA Dudelange. Please confirm your participation by following this link.


The short movie "Alter Ego" completed shooting, directed by Jérôme Nunes and produced by Jean-Laurent Csindis from Minotaurus Film.

This is the first luxembourgish Short Movie shot on RED #2450 aka FEVER.


The worlds fastest 16GB Compact Flash cards arrived today.
8 mins of pristine 4K imagerie each, hold in the palm of your hand!
Stay aware...

Feel free to contact me for further informations.


Wishing that your 2009 will be full of light, joy and electric experiences!


RED One aka "Fever" got a new friend. A beautiful, stealth long lens, a Canon 300mm 2.8L Optex converted to PL Mount.
Just a few pics here to get an idea!

Feel free to contact me for a rental quote!


After nearly 12 months of a nerve-tearing wait, a 4K RED ONE #2450 Digital Cinema Camera finally finds its new home,
and now I'm preparing to rent out the beast!

More News soon...